Tortoise Farming

Russian Tortoise
Tortoise farming is nothing new in the field of farming. Japan is said to be the pioneer in tortoise farming as the initial tortoise raising forms were found in Japan in 1875. It is a process of raising tortoises of various kinds for commercial purposes. Tortoises are raised to be sold as pet animals, medical ingredients or for gourmet food. By the end of 20th century, tortoise farming has gone through much advancement and now it is known as a profitable farming business.

Tortoise Breeds

There are numerous types of tortoises, are available in the market for sale such as Russian, Radiated, African Spurred Tortoise etc. These tortoises for sale are famous for their different qualities. Some are cheap in rates and easy to take care off. Others are quite expensive as well as hard to take care off. Tortoise meet and shell are the basic things which attract the breeders for their farming. Tortoise breeds are classified upon the qualities of their shell and meat. Some of the famous breeds of tortoises are: Horsfield’s Tortoise, Marginated Tortoise, Leopard tortoises, Hermann's tortoises, Tunisian Spur Tortoise, and Russian Tortoise.

                                                          All Tortoise Breeds

 Aberrant Leopard Tortoise                                •  African Pancake Tortoise 
 African Spurred Toroise                                      •  Albino Chaco Tortoise 
 Albino Hermans Tortoise                                    •  Albino Red Footed Tortoise
 Albino Sulcatta Tortoise                                      •  Aldabra Tortoise 
 Amazon Basin Yellow Footed Tortoise          •  Black Greek Tortoise 
 Black Red Footed Tortoise                                 •  Black Yellow Footed Tortoise 
 Blonde Red Footed Tortoise                              •  Bolivian Cherry Headed Red Footed Tortoise 
 Burmese Black Mountain Tortoise                   Burmese Brown Mountain Tortoise 
 Burmese Star Tortoise                                         •  Cherry Headed Red Footed Tortoise 
 Chocolate Red Footed Tortoise                        •  Desert Tortoise 
 Eastern Hermann's Tortoise                              •  Egyptian Tortoise 
 Elongated Tortoise                                                •  Forest Hinge-Backed Tortoise
 Forstens Tortoise                                                   •  Galapagos Tortoise 
 Ghost Red Footed Tortoise                                •  Golden Greek Tortoise 
 Gopher Tortoise                                                      Greek Tortoise
 Greek Tortoise                                                          Grenada Island Red Footed Tortoise 
 Hermans Tortoise                                                  •  Hermans Tortoise (Caramel)
 High Color Red Footed Tortoise                         High White Leopard Tortoise 
 High Yellow Forstens Tortoise                           •  High Yellow Indian Star Tortoise 
 Honey Colored Red Footed Tortoise               •  Horsfields Tortoise 
 Indian Star Tortoise                                              •  Italian Marginated Tortoise 
 Ivory Cherry Head Red Footed Tortoise         Kleinman's Tortoise 
 Leopard Tortoise Leopard Tortoise              •  Madagascar Flat Shelled Spider Tortoise 
 Malagasy Spider Tortoise                                    Marginated Tortoise 
 Marokkensis Greek Tortoise                              •  Northern Red Foot Tortoise 
 Radiated Tortoise                                                  •  Red Footed Tortoise 
 Russian Tortoise                                                     •  Serrated Hingeback Tortoise 
 South African Lobatse Hingeback Tortoise  •  Speke's Hinge-Backed Tortoise 
 Sri Lankan Star Tortoise                                       •  Sulcatta Tortoise 
 Travancore Tortoise                                               •  Two Headed Sulcatta Tortoise 
 Two-Headed Eastern Hermann's Tortoise      Unique Red Footed Tortoise 
 Weissinger's Tortoise                                             •  Yellow Footed Tortoise

Tortoise Farming Process

Tortoise farming is a profitable business now a day. When you think of starting tortoise farming, the first question arises in your mind is where to buy tortoises? Well there are plenty of online shops selling varieties types of pet tortoises as well as tortoises for farming.

Choosing a Tortoise

The very basic step in the tortoise farming is the selection of a specific tortoise species. Selection of a particular breed should be based upon the environmental needs and diet requirements. Different tortoise breeds have different adult sizes such as a Russian tortoise is 4 to 6 inch long.
Marginated Tortoise

Tortoise Housing

The housing of tortoises is the most important factor in the process of their farming. Most of the tortoises love burrowing in the morning or midnight. The first thing you need to do is to keep your fence buried into earth deeply so that they may not escape. Baby tortoises can tolerate a range of weathers but they cannot stay in dump weather so a dry, warm retreat is recommended for them. Pet tortoises are also treated in the same way.

Feeding Tortoises

The selection of food for the tortoises is another important factor in modern world of farming. Always provide a shallow dish of water to tortoises. Most of the tortoise species are fed with staple diet but it does not mean that all types of tortoises like this. There is a long list of fruits, vegetables and plants that are loved by the tortoises i.e. Dandelion, Clover, Plantain, Heather, apple, peach, cucumber, kale, cress, carrot etc. This sort of diet is quite nutritious and helps in keeping the tortoises healthy and active. A desert tortoise’s diet mainly consists of safe grasses and weeds.

Tortoise Farm

Benefits of Tortoise Farming

Tortoise farming is one of the best businesses for the people living in country side as they have vast space in their houses as well as in fields to keep a handsome number of new breeds. This will help them in earning more money as the usage of tortoise in restaurants increasing day by day. There are several benefits of tortoise farming -

  • Very small area is required to start tortoise farming.
  • They are usually harmless.
  • A large number of tortoises can be kept in a small area. So farmers can rear a huge number of tortoises with any worry of buying an extra land.
  • The price of tortoise meat is getting higher day by day that means a massive profit for the tortoise farmers.
  • The use of tortoise meet in production of cosmetics is also getting popular that is a sign of prosperous future tortoise farming.
  • Tortoise plastrons (part of shell) are also being widely used in Chinese traditional medicines.